Curriculum vitae van Robby.

Son of Monica and Mungo
Date of Birth : march 21, 2007
IMP UK Akura Mungo Jerry

Education :
Puppie class : 20 june 2007 - 27 june 2007 (too big)
Basic class : 4 juli 2007-25 juli 2007
Advanced class : 01 aug 2007- nov 2007

Contacts :
He tries to be friendly with other dogs but he is so strong that dogs who don't know him are already scared when he comes near. Smaller dogs, he tries to carry them like a kitten but these dogs think he wants to kill them. With Bob (a GSD) and Laika (Golden Retriever) he plays nicely as they are used to this big teddybear.
Friendly with children but we always keep a close eye because just putting his pawn on a childs foot is enough to cause pain !! (he weights around 90 kilo) !