Since we adopted a Saint Bernard from a shelter in 2005 we (Mireille and I) are hooked to this breed.
He was big, impressive, strong, but sweet, gentle, kind: in short, the best friend you could dream of.
I write "was" because the end of April 2007 we lost him after a stomach torsion.

After days of grief, we decided to do another search and found Robby, a little dog of 5 weeks. For us it was love at first sight: the same dark mask as Toby which is so typical for this breed.

At 6 weeks he is with us together with Kiwi, a cat of 6 weeks also.

Robby died at the age of 7, his heart was too big (he had medications for the last 3 years) and in the night of may 29,2014 at 01h35 he went for a walk in the garden and there he collapsed.
A fantastic and gentle friend for Mireille, Xander and me was gone. RIP Robbyken. We love you.

(ρ = Griekse Rho)

The site of Robby is here.

All pictures are on webshots : click here
The site of Toby.

Toby's pictures
Movie on Youtube

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